Collaborative harvesting


It could be nice if architects ask themselves at this time,svalbard VAULT -MAN-MADE structure against the nature or an embracement of natural protection?
Structure against the nature or an embracement of natural protection?
How does the nature influence architecture,how could architecture respond to nature?

The idea Seed Storage could be trace back to the project “Past seeds – the future of food”in Barrit. They cultivate the old varieties in collaboration with researchers and museums from other area in Denmark. Their mission is to preserve and test nearly different varieties of traditional plant seeds. Nordic people always associate seed storage with Svalbard,this classical fortress is designed to restrict access from the possible intrusions and disaster,but some interesting and contradictory question is with this architectural definition.On the one hand, people define nature as a most awful existence and deterrent, the fortress preserves seeds from natural disasters.On the other hand, people put this crucial storage on fearful northern land,using natural barrier to prevent possible human destructive activities.Coincident or not, the fortress is designed and built to defend the nature while using the nature as its own barrier against the outside world.The roles between the fortress and the nature can be exchanged and transited .for example, nature could be another gentle and natural protection which intervene into architecture,the building needs to defend itself from being damaged by the nature while the nature is the barrier of the building and protects it from being harmed from the outside invasions.

Juhani Pallasmaa was commissioned to design a Artist’s Summer Studio in Vänö Island in Finland,the designing concept is to minimise the impact to Vänö Island by using material collected from local areas,driftwoods,rocks. These materials represent represent one sort of generalized nature—everything is bathing in the nature.One of the components is rocks,soil.Another component is abandoned buildings,rusty components,they have becoming an important part in the natural history.

This project is focused on discussing the two above core interests. It is to discuss the coexistence and translatable relationship between architecture and environment(generalized nature).It consists many elements,trees,wind,obsolete farm,fallen wood,the changing interaction and influence between all these natural objects and architecture.Last but not least,role switching between protector and defender,how does the nature influence architecture.