Alves Ludovico is interested in transforming objects into a narrative stimulus by working intensively on the form and function.

He likes to play with all the areas of design from jewellery to everyday objects and from interior design to pragmatic sculptures. Instead of understanding the boundaries between these areas as limitations, he sees them as an innovative sphere to create immersive narratives.

An object has to be able to establish communication. “The power of design is that it can come to people’s homes and in public places and be there to give inputs, therefore I like to create unique pieces that allow people to get emotional links with”.

Alves Ludovico lives and works between Helsinki and Lisbon.


Alves Ludovico


-2017 Aalto University, Master of arts, Helsinki

-2016 Oslo National Academy of Arts, Master of arts, Oslo

-2013 ArtEZ Academy of Art , design, erasmus, Arnhem

-2013 Évora University, Product Design, Évora

Solo Exhibitions

-2017 Migrative odors, Gallery THIRD SPACE, Helsinki 2018 SUGARRY WONDERRY, Kallio Stage, Helsinki

Resume of work

My latest body of work takes into account my own relation with sugar and the fact that was a diabetic person sugar is a poison that harms my body.
From this fact, The foundational statement of the series takes shape from the desire and will to reconvert sugar into a building and constructive biomaterial for future.

My research path on the technique explores the physicality of sugar crystals for creating new types of materiality. Taking this very familiar ingredient together with other ingredients used in the bakery industry and applying it to a new process of experimentation, altering molecular structures.

As a result, a technique has been developed that uses a laser to sintering a sweet mixture creating a sugar-based bioplastic (I name it the Supersweet Polymer), a procedure that allows to produce objects adding so a particular sense of aesthetic value to a material that we otherwise will take for granted.

The technique was explored to outcome an artistic and design approach: Super Sweet Series a design outcome. THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY an artistic outcome.

Super Sweet Series overlooks the lasting and unique way in which facts, memories and experiences of childhood can remain with us into adulthood and influence future. The series is composed of 3 different objects: HOPE; FEED THEM A PIG; SUGAR O´CLOCK

HOPE, 2018 A candle holder that relates its form and function to a remembrance. My grandma paid me a visit when I was hospitalized due to diabetes “Tonight, I will light up a candle for you and everything will be fine,” she said before leaving.

FEED THEM A PIG, 2018 A hybrid between a candle holder a piggy bank. The first treatment for diabetes consisted of Insulin extracted from pigs and cows, this piece aims to comment on the world´s insulin monopoly.

SUGAR O´CLOCK, 2018 A hybrid between a clock and cow udders, The condition dictates my timings and activities. My today’s decisions on my sugar levels control are affecting my future life quality.

THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY, 2018 It’s a post-traumatic piece that aims to open the dialogue on sugar consumption, addiction and sugar cultural relation.

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