From Intention To Image

Returning momentarily to the recently vaunted status of architectural drawing within the schools:to regard a drawing as a work of art as we usually understand it is to regard it as something to be consumed by the viewer, so that his rapacious appetite for formulated experience may be assuaged.Any further use attributable to it is incidental and detrimental in so far as it may reduce its value as food for consciousness. ——Robin Evens




-Master- Graduate School of Design, Harvard University


Should the building image be seen as an intermediary/media or a consumer product? Robin’s point of view is that the former, when the architectural image exists as a medium, expresses the designer’s thoughts and ideas. When the architectural image exists as a consumer product, what the public likes and what does it look like when pursuing the trend.

The architect hopes to express his concept Concept and emotional intention Feeling in the visual image. Then his architectural image should exist as an intermediary to convey the design intention. How to fall from the intention to the image?

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