Graphic Style


Rachel Xu


-2015-Master of Landscape Architecture in University Of Pennsylvania

-2012-Major in Urban Planning in National Cheng Kung University

-2010-Bachelor of Engineering in Harbin Institute Of Technology

Work and Artistic Experience

-2014-Architectural Design and Research Institute of HIT-Architecture Intern

-Since 2017-SWA Group(USA)-Landscape Designer and Planner

Course purpose

>Leading students to explore the possibilities of different styles of painting in architecture

>Guide students to taste the color collision and stimulate the creativity

>Dare to use color, refuse to be monotonous, form a unique color style


Watercolor painting always comes with a romantic background music, with some small elements of the line draft will instantly put people into the story. Relatively serious works can also be presented in ink. This episode begins with map processing, taking you to paint with watercolor strokes and blending the material into the watercolor.

The Diablo style does not apply to every work. When this work contains strong emotions such as desperate shouts and deep darkness, Diablo is the perfect choice. It blurs out some background and highlights the elements of the most protagonist. This episode will focus on how to make a dark plan and a bird’s eye view.

Data visualization of technological sense is applicable to mapping or analysis diagrams where too much data leads to poor visual effects. Background or some less important elements will be obscured, and important data will be more prominent because of strong contrast. This episode will focus on how to process data and how to make a clear mapping.

Collages are a fast and effective way of plotting, both in concept and in the presentation stage.

The simplicity is represented by line drawings and color blocks, which seems to be simple, while the linear change and color control are in place. Courses include the export and processing of line drafts, fast coloring, adding elements and rich graphics.

The fresh air color is refreshing and the picture is clean. If you think that the dark is too dark and the simplicity is too rational, then the fresh style is a versatile style. The course will start with the processing of the base map, and you will be able to bring the “heavy taste” material on the Internet into a small fresh one.

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