Luxury Store Design In London


Lilly Tian

-Royal College of Art, London, Master’s degree


-11 years in the UK

-Understand the direction and style of local interior design courses

-Participated in the project TEXTILE + INTERIOR DESIGN

-Design for refugees — Clothing interior design project cooperation


Detailed explanations for the requirements of the indoor portfolio.

The British interior design profession has a strict portfolio requirements and a unique expression style. In this lecture, we will explain the specifications, dimensions, page counts, project requirements, and expressions that can generally appear. Let students clearly understand the required specifications and drawings, and clearly understand the differences between the requirements of the UK institutions. They can prepare for the next three months without any useless work.

Under the class, students should reorganize the work according to the introduction of their dream school requirements in the teacher’s class, and check whether the work that they have completed currently meets the requirements. Self-examination works are sent to the course group in advance, and the teacher conducts targeted questions before the next class.


The concept of the work is the soul and the top priority of the collection. The evaluation team of the college collection is looking forward to understanding the future research direction and design potential of the students through the collection.

In this part, we will start from the objective factors of the base, the social and human level, and explore the source and source of the concept of the portfolio. In this lesson we will lead students to divergent thinking, from nature, history, technology, painting, psychology, literature (story, mythology), philosophy, medicine, religion, symbols, architect works, research archives, film, drama, logic, Special functions, skin materials, extreme personalities, etc. are used to extract concepts. Go wild?! That’s right! At the same time, there will be some interesting foreign cases, such as refurbishment projects, new and old combination, abandoned space transformation, etc., to specifically explore the starting point of the concept of interior space design.

At the same time, the students will refine the concept of the work and upload it to the course group before the start of the next class. The teacher will comment on the commonality and representativeness of the students.


In this lesson, we will continue the content of the last lesson-concept refinement. Take the mini project (London a luxury store) as an example. The project integrates interior design, fashion design and texture design to explore how to work on the concept. Comprehensive system pre-analysis.

Our common pre-analysis is nothing more than the analysis of the old-fashioned traffic, road network, people flow, landscape, etc. In the teaching of this lesson, we have a deep understanding of how we can continue the design concept in the previous analysis, and get the data and diagram supported by the concept. And how to start from other aspects of the humanities to investigate the site, such as human emotions, human behavior patterns, how to draw mood maps, etc., to obtain analytical results, and strongly support the design concept.

Under the class, students need to be a group of 4 people. According to the way in the teacher’s class, the pre-stage analysis of the mini project is completed, and the site analysis of the completed works is further deepened.


In this lesson, the teacher will mainly explain the main process and ideas of extracting the concept, and the hand-painting of the formation process of the concept presentation of the mini project for the students in the last lesson.

In these processes, students will understand the thinking process of design, the creation and development of ideas or concepts. In the official website of many schools, the requirements for the portfolio clearly mention that the applicant needs to pay attention to the sketch, so this is also the part of the applicant’s work in the applicant’s portfolio.

Under the class, students should complete the sketch drawing exercise for the mini project according to the way in the teacher’s class, and supplement and deepen the sketches of their completed works.


The design process diagram is very important. The designer’s ideas and different projects should use different analysis methods because of different concepts. For example, Patrick Schumacher once questioned Le Corbusier, who believed that the latter rejected the irregular beauty of the medieval city because of his admiration for the urban order of Rome. He believed that “The limitation of Le Corbusier is not that he insisted on order, but It is because he has a limited understanding of the order of classical geometry.” Students should dare to try different analytical methods for different concepts.

We need to think deeply about who was created by the project, for whom, and for other participants?

Has there been a special story along the development context?

Does the creation of the project have a unique meaning, and does it have other meanings in modern life?

What is the environment in which the project is located, are we looking for the same environment to place, or to find a new place again?

We continue to ask questions to find the logic of design expression, and to find the right analysis method through logic.

The same method of analysis, as well as the common “routines” on the market, have been seen countless times by the auditors of colleges and universities. Only the special expressions for you can make their eyes shine. Under the class, the team needs to complete the diagram drawing exercise for the mini project in the way that the teacher lectures, and supplement and deepen the analysis chart of the completed works. In addition, students who have completed the first draft of the portfolio can upload the work under this class, and the teacher will conduct a targeted review.

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