Group Member : Liu Xiaoya|Xu Jiahang |Yang Zhenghao
Mentor: Niu Changkun

Design Notes

This is a growing symbiotic community that integrates human activities into the building and influences each other.Rooted in Xi’an, a land with a lot of history,We have abandoned the traditional parallel life model and set up a small living unit.Achieve space sharing,We hope that in the life and communication of young makers,The infinite possibilities of interaction between people and the building cross-collision have more possibilities,Giving the building a more complex meaning,Corresponding to the ancient city of Xi’an,But it has an independent meaning.This is a growing building.The story that is happening,The meaning that is being produced,The Monument Valley is being formed.Now,We do not commemorate history.We commemorate the present and the future.When designing, we chose the stairs as the expression carrier.The stairs are not only vehicles, but also the carrier of activities.More space can be given,We set up the traffic box as the main traffic streamline.Resolve traffic flow problems with stairs in small clusters formed by several block units,Avoid the problem of traffic chaos caused by too many stairs.