UIA_New Neighborhood Sharing Maker Center

——Taking Ant Colony Algorithm Strategy as an Example

Group Member : Cao Huizhong| Cheng Zhuo| Pan Yusong
Mentor:  Amilia Wang 

Design Notes

The world is becoming more and more crowded and complicated.If the monks, the heart is like a straight string, everything is true, into the samadhi, there is no magic.I am a man, a bodhisattva, and a supreme consciousness.As human beings, we always believe that matter is the spiritual carrier rather than the virtual network.Two propositions for our attention: Public space issues. The relationship between people: The relationship between man and nature.

Attribution, security, and obscurity of the earth make us think of fitting the building with natural things. We use the ant hole as our starting point to fit the network life and the courage to face change. City makers need a more natural way for them to naturally come into contact with people, not only at work, but also in life encounters. We want to learn from the ant colony path and explore a more humane, full of possibilities. We ultimately focus on the possibilities of living complexes and their public spaces. When people walk into this real network, they can quickly access resources and find the communities they belong to.

Ant Colony Algorithm

Path – the location of the intermediary: its necessity and ambiguity.

Wildness – physicality – earthy – sensibility – quality – rough

Ant colony algorithm can give us an optimal solution to solve complex population problems. As we all know, Shanghai is a magical city with people from different regions, different life backgrounds and cultural life, including locals, non-locals and foreigners. This presents us with a tough question: if they solve their different needs of life and give them enough room to communicate, while maintaining privacy. We finally get inspiration from the ant colony algorithm. When we determine our core points and starting points, the secondary points and paths are generated, which ultimately forms a path mechanism that respects the animal’s rapid action and psychological satisfaction. The path has become a medium for combining the public life, leisure life and technical work and life of the makers. They can get technical support, tools and collaborators on his way to the core space of work, when they need to go to the coffee shop to relax, the path as a medium will give them more plant landscape and private atmosphere. This road means opportunity, more leisure, and also means that when you need to meet people with an atmosphere, a formal sense of space.

Spatial Syntax + Genetic Algorithm

Public life is the intermediary between the living unit and the natural outside world. The third party, the ferry, it governs the traffic and the main structural structure. However, let us be in a state of tranquility and not be disturbed in the vague living zone? We think of genetic algorithms as a custom rule. Through accessibility analysis and questionnaires, we will issue questionnaires to potential users: Do you want to be visited frequently and the level of demand for public spaces and facilities, such as someone who needs a coffee shop, someone who needs a bookstore and is not bothered . When we get these questionnaires, we will classify them into a community with relatively similar needs for public facilities, living in a relatively concentrated planar unit on the ant colony path. These units are large and small. The number of customers is determined. Next, we will subdivide the accessibility of each space in this planar unit, using spatial syntax to use genetic algorithm matching based on the required reachability values of different rooms.

Sky & Bird: Square Format Unit

We don’t think that units are a repetitive language, and we can think of them as distinct in a certain modulus. Mass is also my word. scale. Rather than “degree”, but “scale” – associated with a universal thing. Mass can verbally ermessen. This er has a kind of flexion and extension and mobility. It is non-neutral. Rather than treating a large part of the thing as the modulus itself, we chose 1M as the unit to create a nine-square format of the room type to complete the adaptation of more units and possibilities. Furniture consists of rooms, rooms form a home, and homes form a community. All of this requires a unit, and that is 1M. In the end, we can achieve similar units and communities, but not the same.

No matter what, life is on the road and it won’t be a replica.