2018 Milan & Helsinki Design Tour Exhibition

The Hygge European Design Tour is a non-profit academic exchange event organized by Achifor Design Ltd of the UK and renowned European designers.

In 2018, the theme of Hygge’s European Design Tour was “Design in Transition” held in Milan, Italy and Helsinki, Finland in July. The event attracted many well-known European designers and groups to help.

The Hygge European Design Tour is designed to provide students with quality work guidance while providing more opportunities to interact with overseas designers, enhance the influence of the works in the show, and get more feedback and feedback for subsequent applications and career planning. Help. The Hygge European Design Tour also provides a platform for European designers to communicate with Chinese designers, enhance their visibility in China and promote academic exchanges.

Archifor 2018 Design Exhibition In Exhibition Hall of the University of Milan

Designer Works & Analysis   

Exhibition Works & Analysis