Archifor Miralles 2019 Architectural Banquet

Archifor Miralles 2019 Architectural Banquet

Architecture Gala Dinner

Through regular offline sharing, the internal niche invitation system, only a part of the quota is open to the public, with works and invitations to build a red wine banquet.

Archifor-Miralles 2019 Banquet

Banquet Introduction

Archifor invited Hygge Design Studio to collaborate with us and will continue to host architectural dinners in major cities. I look forward to meeting and discussing with you. The first event will use Archifor-Miralles 2019 as our action code to explore how the architects adhere to their own rebellious spirit in architectural practice while pursuing inner idealism. The conversation will involve how architects stick to themselves in the torrent of the times? What are the difficulties and tests of real foreign actual projects? What is the internship at a foreign studio? What is the preparation method for studying abroad? The scene will watch the learning frontier algorithm in video form and enjoy the design exhibition.

Archifor 2018 Design Exhibition Milan University Gallery Exhibition

The event will invite Ms. Yan as a keynote speaker to share her project experiences in Europe and around the world. At the same time, HYGGE STUDIO winners will be invited to share with you the preparation experience and experience of studying abroad. Dinner and snacks will be provided by Coffee Craft (CC Cafe) in Haidian District. We have prepared a beautiful gift for every guest present.

At the same time, guests present will have the opportunity to receive an internship invitation from Archiford Architecture Studio to work with us on the project bidding and competition bidding. For the participating guests, we will provide proof of internship and workload and give a certain fee.

We will hold similar dinner talks in other large and medium cities in China, and record each discussion process. Every guest will see your best look on our website. We hope that every conversation can bring fresh knowledge to our guests, and we look forward to meeting you at ARCHIFOR (organizer) and HYGGE Studio as well as Beijing Good Life Aesthetics (hosting) and Coffee Craft (CC Cafe).

Archifor Architects will host an architectural dinner in Beijing

At the dinner, you will get :

• Lectures by European Archifor ZHAI 1.5h
• Nordic firm internships and referral opportunities Bidding projects Participating in architectural algorithm projects Visualization projects
• Works contributed by archifor to 2019 .6. 10 Helsinki Milan Stockholm ARCHIFOR-BRUNO European Architectural Design Exhibition
• All members of the Hygge design studio Building Study Group bring a comprehensive message reference and selection of applications for teaching abroad
• Winners of the International Architecture Competition communicate and guide on the spot
• Acquaintance with architecture and cross-border related boyfriend or girlfriend
• Cocktails share ARCHIFOR company signature Italian red wine
• With a fire seal Archifor architectural banquet invites to recommend qualification identity card, and building tools books
• Choose a plan to share with the design concept and choose one of the best free participation in any of Archifor’s workshops
• Pick up a luckbird, Hygge Studio 3000 yuan voucher

We will invite the best of you to participate in the work of our firm, including bidding and various competitions. Upon completion, you can issue proof of internship and work certificate for European architecture firm. The dinner will also invite Hygge Studio students to present the preparation experience and experience of studying abroad. We welcome all students who have the intention to go abroad to participate. At the same time, students can bring their own works to the scene, exchange ideas with senior architects, and peer reviews with their peers.

Banquet Location

Floor 2, Building 2, Changhewan Community, 59 Gaoliangqiao Xiejie, Haidian District

Coffee Craft (CC Cafe)

TEL: 010-62198819

Banquet Process


Admission check-in
Receive archifor postcards, brochures
Free snacks and red wine at the front desk
Watch the exhibition video

Breaking Ice

Briefly introduce the spirit and works of Miralles
Icebreaker game


15:30 (two reviews)
Remember to bring your own work, and 2 people will be randomly selected to get a review from a senior architect.
The organizer will invite all students to introduce their own works and the uniqueness of their own design ideas, introduce their own plans, teachers or classmates to comment on each other. Teacher Yan will pick one of the most satisfied students and wait until the event is announced to get a free opportunity to participate in the workshop.


Discuss the shortcomings of modernism and industrial architecture, and elaborate on the characteristics and rebellious spirit of Miralles’ works


In the second round of tea break, students can share their collections, vote for the best works of the whole game, and get 3,000 yuan vouchers.


Receive the original English book

Photo of the 2018 Milan Helsinki European Tour Exhibition


Guest Speaker

Archifor Architects





2009-2015 WORK(CHN)


Speech Content

The theme of this presentation is “Choose Nature as the Center” and choose according to my understanding of the surrounding environment in Northern Europe. In Scandinavia, people often invest in nature. Unlike people in other regions, the Nordic people live in nature and embrace nature every day. We can see the same view in the Nordic landscape: Protecting the Nordic countryside of the 20th century, “Even now, many people are very close to nature in the Nordic countries.” This is part of their daily lives and they can use it. According to Sverre Fehn, Scandinavia’s natural philosophy is much simpler. The attitudes of artificial elements and Nordic people have not been greatly developed. The Nordic people are not over-involved, but more focused on maintaining the original appearance of nature. Buildings always seek to adapt or change the natural environment. Therefore, this conversation will be influenced by this philosophy.


(occasion planner)

Apply to Columbia University School of Architecture

Speech Content

Is modernism really perfect? What are the weaknesses of buildings in the industrial age?

Miralle’s design is rarely conceived from the three-dimensional form, and even does not consider the building from the profile. He directly dissolves the block into the interweaving and overlapping of lines and lines, avoiding the restriction by the outer contour, so his building is always full. Desire and vitality, through various swings to the unknown form. As a contemporary architect, we should have the courage and spirit to break through the embarrassment of the times. Now many students think of doing design and thinking about parametric design and curve design. I think this is not brave, but a kind of herd. Just as five years ago everyone was doing straight-line architectural design, choosing just like everyone is just because this choice is not so dangerous and does not require a completely independent exploration. I think that what we should do more is to go against the trend of the times and seriously think about the meaning of the line. In fact, the straight line has many advantages, such as convenient layout of furniture, convenient construction, high land utilization rate, and then how to make the curve of the building. These advantages are included and continually optimized through parametric methods. Even we can use parameterized methods to set different forms of contact between the various parts of the building, so that the building can interact with the surrounding environment.