Service Design  

The cocomat hotel project ended perfectly. The final results and design instructions of the five teams in our project are displayed here. This workshop brought together cutting-edge European architectural design firms such as British archifold and Finland wiarkkitehdit, and invited tutors from the Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, Royal College of Art London, Aalto University, RMIT, NABA, and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Bring the latest and purest European architecture and design research tutorial experience in the last two years, and participate in and guide the bidding projects of overseas commercial brands in Shanghai together with the students.

|Group 1|

Floating Garden

Zhaojun Meng, Zeju Zhang, Jia Xu  



|Design Introduction|

We name our design for landscape architecture as floating garden.We designed a double layer device in the courtyard, the top layer plays the role of garden while the bottom one is an open air theatre. We also have dining cars and a bar in our project.The design is based on three central concepts:

The first one is vertical design, which means we provide space to walk vertically. When people change their positions in height, their psychology will change as well. We used this human psychology and combined the results of the previous service design to create a space that customers prefer.

The second one is sleep in garden. It is an extension of the idea of coco-mat, which is sleep on nature. We want to provide customers with an environment where they feel safe and peaceful to lie down. Also guide them to get relaxed and feel nature. 

The third one is to promote intimacy. During our process of service design, we noticed that most people want to improve their relationship with partners. So we considered this factor while designing a space by improving privacy and sense of enclosure.




Group 2——Commercial part

Group members: Zhiyi Song, Shuyi Lu, Xi Wang, Chenyang Ji.

Design Introduction

The spatial logic in the core concept of our group comes from the translation of ancient Greek gardens and Greek islands, the watershed. There are four main types of ancient Greek gardens: residential gardens, holy forests, public gardens and academic gardens. We correspond the functions of the hotel’s guest rooms, furniture experience, catering, art, flower shop, coffee bar, and lectures to these four categories, hoping to make the circular space surrounded by the atrium a continuous experience in the classical Greek garden. At the same time, different public and private boundaries are distinguished through commercial flow lines, allowing consumers to experience the core values of coco-mat nature and ecology in different environments.



Group 3——Guest rooms/common lounge/gym/and lobby design

Group members: Yurui Wang, Xuepu Sun, Zhengyang Zhang.

Design Introduction

In the design of this hotel, we combine COCO-MAT’s proximity to nature with Shanghai’s “urban personality” and summarize the market drivers and customer groups of COCO-MAT hotel localization in Shanghai through a large number of pre-data collection and visualization. At the same time, in the process of localization of COCO-MAT home brand in Shanghai, the market positioning of China’s hotel industry and the behavior preferences and characteristics of target customer groups are summarized. We then translate them spatially. We extracted elements of objects that our clients liked in the early research process, spatially transliterated some abstract elements of Greece, such as arches, on a plane, and visualized natural matter that was not physically present in nature, such as wind and light with the help of silk. In a space scheme, the natural elements are remodeled and the choice of building materials is determined. The logic of streamlining and building space is deduced by Terrialization characteristic theory, and the scheme is optimized and the design is completed.

Designed to preserve COCO-MAT hotel’s own unique cultural style, and into China’s hotel market, in the sale of home textiles have better prospects for development, we do hotel interior design at the same time put forward a number of supporting services.

1. Set up a gift and decoration exhibition area for small flower plants in the main hall, so that guests can participate in the decoration activities of the hotel;

2. The seating area is set up for handicrafts production activities, the display area is set up, and the atmosphere of the active front hall is active;

3. Personalized custom-made services such as bed products can be provided to first-time hotel rooms, which can then be enjoyed by VIP.



Group 4——Installation design

Group members: Jiahang Li, Yuxin Shi, Yu Mei.

Design Introduction

The concept of Cocomat hotel is to start with nature.  Considering the characteristics of its domestic customers’ needs, we hope to better convey the concept and have practicality through the installation.  The growth of all things in nature will be affected by gravity. With this characteristic, we take the ceiling as the growth surface. Through the traffic analysis, the existing neglected space is found, and a point is determined through the connection of the entrance to optimize the streamline and space. Through range of sight analysis, the remaining three points can be determined without affecting the range of sight and under the condition of being in the centre of the range of sight. Ultimately, these four points form the gravity points of the installation, imitating the state of natural growth.  Through making the skin and the hole,we construct the crowd streamline and range of sight centre in the installation. And we enhance the interaction of the installation by putting some furniture. Finally it will be integrated into the hotel.  



Group 5——Planting experience service&COCO-HOME

Group members: Zhiben Zheng, Huixian Gong, Ya Gao, Zewen Wang.

Design Introduction

In order to allow cocomat to develop better in the Chinese hotel market, we have designed a series of new services for cocomat. Which include:

1. Free plants for shopping in integrated stores and free customized merchandise for hotels: a pot of small plants will be given away when you purchase a certain amount in the integrated store. Some products (such as soap) customized when you check in at the hotel can be brought with you when you leave. A new home. Extend the shopping experience through such low-cost methods.

2. Virtual interior design gameusers can choose their own room type, modify furniture and place them freely, inspiring customers’ creative enthusiasm, and the cocomat party can also get direct user preference feedback. Cocomat will also conduct awards activities to establish an effective design experience exchange community.

3. Roof garden activities including flower arrangement, planting, ecc.: flower arrangement experience, planting experience, herb picking experience, garden bar and a series of activities, allowing users to shape brand image and promote brand value through experience.

4. Some others. Each service uses the behavior of “experience” to stimulate people’s feelings for “natural” values, thereby shaping the brand image, strengthening brand promotion, and giving users a better experience.