Pop-up store in Lhasa, Tibet

DESIGN COMPANY: Archiford Design Office
LEAD DESIGNER: Zhai Dongyuan
PROJECT LEADER: Zhai Dongyuan, Zhong Ximing

The Lhasa pop-up store project in Tibet has started. This public building that integrates the functions of a bar, a coffee area, an audio-visual room, and a leisure experience area will be built on the east side of the Tibetan Mandala North Square.

Construction Site

Project Overview

The pop-up store in Minsheng Times Square, designed by Archiford Design Office, is located on the east side of the North Square of Tibetan Travel Mandala. It is a public building that integrates the functions of a bar, a coffee area, an audio-visual room, and a leisure experience area.

The purple area is the square and the green area is the sidewalk

The plot is rectangular, with a pedestrian path on the north side and a square on the right. The pedestrian path on the north side of the building is a pedestrian street with a lot of people.


Pop-up stores focus on the function itself and are committed to responding to a young, healthy and active lifestyle. After completion, it will become a symbol of the openness and tolerance of Minsheng Times Square. A model room is set up inside the building to fit the positioning of the sales center. The diversified functional layout of the building can meet the needs of all kinds of young people and embodies the “people-oriented” design concept-aiming to bring a higher sense of happiness to employees and customers.

PART 1:Lounge concept

In the bar area where drinks are sold, in order to respond to the young, healthy and active lifestyle, the bar area has adopted a semi-outdoor format. Part of the bar façade opens to the square, attracting young people to stop and gather in a welcome and open attitude.

PART 2: Exhibition Concept

In order to match the unique propaganda method of the newspaper pictorial, the interior design has given a special exhibition design for this characteristic. Splicing stainless steel steel pipes into art installations serves as a newspaper display rack. Newspaper rolls are inserted into the steel pipe cylinder for customers to take at any time. This creates a very novel and interesting retrieval experience for customers. These stainless steel newspaper racks are distributed in the exhibition hall and are closely connected to the building and structural system. It is inseparable, and customers walk through it and read as they go.

PART 3: Material Concept

The building materials are translucent sunlight panels and matte stainless steel panels. Although matte stainless steel is metal, it will not cause excessive reflection and discomfort when used outdoors, and it also has a metallic texture.

The interior furniture and display components are made of stainless steel that is similar to the building material. In order to highlight the liveliness of the pop-up store interior, brighter polished stainless steel is selected.

The indoor floor material is selected from cement fiberboard that is consistent with the building material, and the structure adopts an overhead floor system, which is suitable for the existing site conditions.

PART 4: Structural concept

In order to meet the needs of rapid construction and immediate demolition, the structural system adopts the widely used prefabricated structure system-C-shaped light steel frame system, stainless steel and sunshine board hanging boards as the enclosure system, and the connection between light steel components adopts bolts. Easy to assemble and disassemble.

PART 5: LOGO concept

Design Drawings

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