| Design Company |

Archiford DesignOffice 

| Project Leader |

Wang Yiyang 

| Project Leader |

Zhong Ximing 

| Designer |

Wang Yiyang 

| Program Deepening |

Qin Qianya,WeiDingyi 

| Design and Construction Scheme Deepening |

Xu Beichen, LiLongshu, Yuan Ruijie, Xu Ziyi, Shen Yizhou, Feng Jiayin, Wen Xu Tianqi 

| Construction and Scheme control |

Wang Yiyang, Yu Fujia 

| Location |

Zhao County,Shijiazhuang City 

| Size |


What kind of living environment do we need?

The old house in Shijiazhuang designed and renovated by Archiford Design Office is located in Zhao County, Shijiazhuang City.


The converted house is located in the urban area of Zhaozhou, Gu County, 12 km away from Zhaozhou Bridge, the ancient thousand-year-old bridge. The house was built in 1999 and covers an area of 160 square meters. In view of the economic and time constraints at the time, the entire house took 45 days to complete. There are many problems in internal space handling. Ten years ago, the second floor of the house was remodeled and renovated to become the main place of residence.




| PART 1:
 Reshaping the Architectural Space |





After investigating the project on the spot, after understanding the housing structure and living activities at the current stage, reasonable suggestions are put forward according to the real needs of the owners to solve the problem of chaotic space combination at this stage.



| PART 2: Indoor Activity Rregeneration |





Carry out targeted interior design based on the reshaped space, make full use of the building space, formulate home decoration plans, and focus on creating several quality space nodes.



| PART 3: Construction Design |