Tibet Lhasa Minshang Times Group 


Archiford Design Office 


Zhai Dongyuan, Zhong Ximing, Jiaxin Tao 


Zhai Dongyuan 

| Project Manager |

Yu Fujia 


Chen Yanzhe, Ma Yingchen 


Baima Yangzong 


Taletank Studio 








The Tibetan Lhasa Pop-up store project has landed, a public building that combines the functions of a bar, a coffee area, an audio-visual room and a relaxing experience area, built on the east side of the north square of the Tibetan tour altar city.

The Minshang Pop-up store was commissioned by a local property owner to design a showcase space for a period of one month.

The project was officially completed recently. The project took 2 months from the initial design to the landing, including 1 month of construction.

Archiford designed the Minshang Times Square flash shop, located on the east side of the north square of the Zang You Tan Cheng, which is a public building with a bar, a coffee area, an audio-visual room and a relaxation and experience area.

The base plot is rectangular in shape, with a street frontage walkway on the north side and the plaza adjacent to the right. The walkway on the north side of the building is a pedestrian street with a high flow of people.




| Scheme Design |



1.audiovisual room 2.exhibition area 3.drinking area
4.bar 5.living room 6.bathroom 7.kitchen

The building aims to convey a contemporary, experimental stance on architecture and life, bringing contemporary materials such as stainless steel into such a traditional Tibetan reality, and it is more exciting to foster such a strong sense of narrative collision here than in other cities in China.

The design responds to the owner’s request for a unique display with a special display such as a stainless steel tube installation, which is a spatial construction that suggests storytelling while making the process of extracting the presentation experiential.

The designers wanted it to be a symbol of the openness and tolerance of Minsheng Times Square.



| PART 1: Lounge Bar Concept |



The bar area, where drinks are served, is semi-outdoor in order to echo a young, healthy and active lifestyle, with part of the bar façade open to the plaza, attracting young people to gather in a welcoming and open manner.



| PART 2: Exhibition Concept |



To complement the unique way in which newspapers and pictorials are advertised, the interior design has been tailored to this feature.

Stainless steel tubes are assembled into an art installation as newspaper racks, with newspaper rolls inserted into the tubes for customers to access at any time, creating a very interesting and novel experience for customers to hold.



| PART 3: Material Concepts |



The architectural materials are translucent sunlight panels and matte stainless steel panels. Although matte stainless steel is metal, it does not cause excessive reflective discomfort when used outdoors and has a metallic feel at the same time.

The interior furniture and display components are made of stainless steel similar to the building material, with a brighter polished stainless steel chosen to emphasise the active nature of the flash shop interior.

The interior flooring is made of cement fibre board, which is consistent with the building material, and the structure is made of an elevated floor system, which is suitable for the existing site conditions.

Ninety per cent of the materials used in the design are sourced from the mainland, such as Foshan, Guangdong, Shanghai etc.

The main materials are designed remotely and prefabricated, which tests the designer’s grasp of site and drawing accuracy, as these aspects are irreversible.



| PART 4: Structural Concepts |



In order to meet the needs of rapid construction and immediate dismantling, the structural system adopts the widely used assembly-type structural system – C-type light steel frame system, with stainless steel and sunlight panels as the enclosure system, and the light steel components are connected by bolted joints for easy assembly and dismantling.