CATEGORY: Interior Design | Service Design

LOCATION: Shanghai

YEAR: 2020

Project Leader: Zhong Ximing, Wu Hao
Consultant: Tian Shuli
Project Manager: Yu Fujia
Designer: Xu Yuanzhou, Wu Yue, Xu Zixian,Yu Weiwei, Song Yunzi, Chen Yanzhe

What kind of stories can make people understand and intuitively experience nature’s lifestyle? Our story system revolves around the deconstruction of sculptures and plants. From the aesthetic touch-motivational question-interesting reading-the metaphorical understanding of the brand story, this process establishes a natural brand image. We correspond to sheep from fabrics, from dyes to plants, and from wood to trees, corresponding to the most primitive elements one by one. These elements are written into scenes in the grammar of sculpture and landscape. People recognize the elements in the scene to understand the story and recognize its value. If the sculpture landscapes and node designs are transformed into words, then people are walking in the story culture. We insist that nothing is easier to move people than for beauty and culture.



Accompanied by Nature:
activating inner utopia

The natural and environmentally friendly product style and natural lifestyle space create a link between nature and the city for the busy urban crowd. It conveys the wisdom and nourishment of nature to those who love nature for a long time. Meet the yearning for returning to nature and a comfortable and comfortable environment in the fast-paced life of domestic metropolises.

Greek-Mediterranean Culture:
an exotic experience of time and space

The Chinese people’s expression of love is implicit and introverted, especially in the busy urban life, and there is no time to say it. COCO-MAT guides customers to relax in the hotel space. They are infected by the passionate and unrestrained exotic atmosphere. Actively expressing love to the people around them is a uniquely emotional experience.

Native Culture

Users’ Emotional Journey Map


Our System


As architects, we try to use metaphors in Qingpu, Shanghai to create a spiritual place that is closest to the classical Greek landscape. From the ideal country of Plato, one of the three sages of ancient Greece, we can see that utopia exists in everyone’s spiritual world. Utopia in reality is difficult to achieve. Our design space can bring users infinitely close to the utopia in their hearts. This is the most primitive expression of mankind, and it is undoubtedly the experience that customers yearn for.

Urban Utopia

As a symbol of Greek classical spirit and civilization, the Acropolis is the largest architectural art treasure bequeathed to the world by the city. When designing the hotel, we fatefully fit its plane under the border of the Acropolis, achieving a distant echo of thousands of miles away. When we see the miniature statue in front of the hotel, we will be taken into his perspective from the beginning to experience the hotel’s spatial environment. Before I knew it, I had a sensory experience on the same scale as the people in the Greek Acropolis. In this way, visiting the COCO-MAT HOTEL is consistent with the perception of visiting the Acropolis. Not only that, although it is located in Shanghai, China, the Greek atmosphere of this hotel is ubiquitous. The free and changeable stone mark, the wooden structure standing in between, the ingenious open space, the unrestrained warm greenery, including warm and soft The decorations of the house all correspond to the elements of Greece one by one, as if the carved stone goddess Venus is alive, taking you on the beach with the breezy sea under the warm Aegean sunset, and you can even smell the fresh breath of the leaves.

Utopia in reality is difficult to achieve. Our design space can make users infinitely close to the utopia in their hearts. This is the most primitive expression of mankind, and it is undoubtedly the experience that customers yearn for.

PART 1 Pilot Space

· Theater — Entrance — Odeon of Herodes Atticus
· Shanmen — Lobby— Propylaea
· Goddess Statue — Center of Lobby — Statue of Athena
· Exhibition hall — Lounge — Pinakothek
· Temple of Victory — Workshop — Temple of Nike

PART 2 Service Space

· Bronze showroom —— Storage / Showcase / Device of Retail — Chalkotheke
· Parthenon — Main Part of Reatil — Parthenon
· Altar of Athena — Garden — Altar of Athena
· Temple of Sila — Restaurant — Temple of Sila
· The Holy Land of Zeus — GYM — The Holy Land of Zeus
· Round temple — Rooftop Bar — Round temple

PART 3 Room Space

· Ericsian Temple — Guest Room — Erechtheion
· Alleploy House — Guest Room — House of Arrhephoroi
· Treasury —— Traffic Space of Guest Room —— Treasury




Furniture Collective Store (First floor)

Regarding the transformation of time and space in aesthetics. We put natural elements and the display of nature lifestyle into the time stream. We mapped the space to the scale of the Acropolis of Athens, Greece. Through our arrangement, the logic of people walking in cocomat corresponds to what they see and feel when walking in the acropolis.

Food Market


In the landscape water feature, the natural planting ratio of plants, and the natural plant indoor landscape are also designed a lot.


Second Floor

Furniture Collective Store(Second Floor)

Rooftop Bar

Guest Room

The guest rooms must carry out the most in-depth hotel concept implementation. From the user’s perspective, guest rooms are the space where customers stay the longest. If they are only medium-standard ordinary standard rooms, they will lose their core market reservation competitiveness. From the perspective of future layout, the concept of the guest room is not just about the accommodation atmosphere. Cocomat’s products have a natural sense, a sense of sleep, and a brand concept, which can be uniquely experienced in the sleep scene. At the marketing level, it is also an important point. Even if there is no on-site experience, users can learn about product differences in publicity. When I think of a hotel, I immediately think of a natural space, a sleeping cocomathotel and products.


Pro-physical concept: Good soil can digest the waste of biological activities and restore plants to provide energy for agricultural products to disappear. The closeness of the two materials completes the conversion of energy and vitality. This process is touching and lasting. We cut from the perspective of nature and energy. People in different scenes not only have to touch, but also visually see the interaction of vital objects. Natural wind, soil, flowers and grass, the sound of water, wood, textiles, and materials of cocomat products are all used as building’bricks’ to build the space.