An Interactive Spatial Layout Tool with Spatial Adjacency 

Optimization: A Case Study on Arrangementof 

Modular Social Housing in Hong Kong

| Keywords |

social housing, physical engine, realtime performance, automatic space layout, interactive generation

| Abstract |

Despite being regarded as a thriving international city, the housing crisis remains a severe problem for Hong Kong. The use of modular design for masscustomization in social housing is a challenge because of the complex spatialadjacency requirements and special spatial demand in social housing that cannotbe fully satisfied by traditional methods in the early design stages.

To end this,we developed an interactive 3d spatial layout tool for automatically social housing spatial layout and optimization by real- time spatial adjacency performance.This tool records various spatial demands and complex adjacency requirementsin Rhino 3D using excel. Then generate 3Dspace layout by simulating the analogy of force with the physical engine while offering real-time space feedback onspatial adjacency performance.

| Figures |

Software implication and the workflow

Input of adjacent relationship Simulation and interactive adjustment

Screenshot of operation interface shows all elements operated interactively with realtime performance