In the autumn semester of 2022, Archiford launched the AI-Architecture Design Methods Course successfully with the support of the Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology.


The lectures in the course collaborated with:

Zhong Ximing

CEO, Archiford
Ph.D. Candidate, Aalto University

Desmond Jonathon FAGAN

Head of Architecture,
Lancaster University

Liu Shengyu

Researcher of Architecture Robotic Algorithm and AI

Zhang Ke

Ph.D. Candidate,
Eindhoven University of Technology

Xiao Yinan

Ph.D. Candidate,
Technische Universität Braunschweig

Liu Zidong

Ph.D. Candidate,
The University of Texas at Austin

Tan Chuheng

Master Degree Researcher,
AA and UCL


We kindly appreciated all the lecturers, and students attending the course. Particularly thanks to Li Kun, the professor from XUAT help us coordinate the course.


The student’s achievements in the course are available here:

Course Achievement

If you are the student attending the course, please fill out the form for your course certification.

Certification Form