Jiaxin Tao Game Design, Editing  Shuming Zhou Aircraft modelling Gaojian Aircraft manufacturing At the end of the world order, the epidemic spreads, the terrestrial cities are under permanent lockdown, and the cities collapse into closed islands of sky to escape isolation. The East and the West are metaphorically represented as two cities. The eastern city is powered by lights, the western city by machinery and order. In both cities, finding each other’s fragments perpetuates the dynamics of maintenance. You fly a flying machine in the East looking for the elements of order in the West to maintain the power of the city. Find the lights to sustain the flight in the empty islands of the West.  Every design in the universe, every relationship, every city of East and West, is a metaphor.  As a team of architects we have focused on the design of two scenic cities. Many symbols of Chinese, Japanese and European architecture are reconstructed to form imaginary empty islands. The physical spaces of the buildings store cultures and civilizations. These symbols are constantly read and explored during the the game. For example, hitting an arch scores points in a Western modernist city. Hitting a flying machine will score points in a traditional Eastern city. The game commemorates those who have died in isolation. The hope is that the countries and cities of the world will regain their  connections. The craft will take you to explore the cities.  Use the mouse to control the Craft. left click for shooting Press Y to the Western city. Press T to the Eastern city. Press shift to speed up. And there is a craft installation you can enjoy if you play it on site.  The craft installation is physically controlled by the game. A game that links reality and the virtual. Acknowledgements: Gaojian and zheng  long for their factory work with phisical Aircraft processing and manufacturing . Some  model elements are download on web from Kb3d studio