Contact information 联系方式

For any project questions you can contact Miss Hu, please add WeChat : hygge010 for consultation.Can directly scan the QR code . Or send an email to the mailbox: verifycode@hygge-art.com


Scope of responsibility 负责领域

Urban design model,Artificial Intelligence and Architectural Design, Parametric Assisted Architectural Design, Rhino Architectural Modeling, Project Video Tutorials, Urban Deconstruction, Narrative Architecture Lectures, etc.

城市设计模型、人工智能与建筑设计、参数化辅助建筑设计、 Rhino 建筑建模、项目视频讲解、城市解构、 叙事性建筑讲座 等等完整素材链接、项目源文件获取

Administrators can be added to the WeChat public account platform for resource acquisition, architect data matching, project consulting, and problem feedback.

微信公众号平台的资源获取、 建筑师资料对接等、项目咨询、问题反馈均可添加管理员。

At the same time, more public lectures, project materials, field renovation project plans and discussions, design salons, and European overseas exhibition consultation can also add administrators to understand.