Years later, when the building collapsed, the pain that can still be perceived by people is the architectural design itself. The company is not creating a simple physical space, we understand the world to establish an aesthetic life order. We use advanced data and computer technology, we conduct cross-domain experiments, but our ultimate goal is for the architect to perceive the choice. Our partner is from Milan, Helsinki, China, is a multinational professional team.


Architectural Design

Urban Morphology

Big Data Technology Gives Space Design Guidance

Customized Special Systems To Solve Architectural & Urban System Problems

Visual Representation

Laboratory Research Design Field

Academic research & paper guidance

Paper media & illustration & promotional video design


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Jämeräntaival 11, 02150 Espoo, Finland 358-0465336976

No.7 Courtyard, Nanluoguxiang, Beijing,China 18201031005